The M1992 Men’s Fall Winter 2019-20 collection brings the topic of fashion to reflect on a period that is about to open and which is already called the Post-Internet era starting from a story that mentions, among other references, Britpop


The perception of the modern can be deceiving because what can be new for a twenty-year-old is not for those who have even double his age. Searching for images on web search engines can be effective in knowing what the past was, but it remains a world with a historical detachment that is not part of the experience. What does a boy from 2020 have to do with a new outfit already worn by boys who were twenty years old from the 1960s to the 1990s? Appropriating it and wearing it with one’s own changed attitude is a solution. The new is not born every day.

The M1992 autumn winter 2019/20 collection, an alphanumeric theme behind which there is a multidisciplinary mind like Dorian Tarantini, DJ and music researcher, first, now immersed in the pursuit of fashion, synthetically recounts this path in which, aligning so many references, an attitude is formed more than a form, more a way of being than a way of dressing.

The Britpop and the Mods, the Union Jack, the Swarovski crystals of glam rock, the Gazelle in Adidas suede, the Harrington Jacket by Barracuta, the prints with the photos of Bobby of London, the Alcantara fabric, the coated and waxed cottons , the eco-friendly jeans by Isko Denim are the chosen ones with which British culture enters the description of an Italian gaze that does not amount to an appropriation, much less to a quote, but rather to the memory of an experience.

The experience of those who put together the M1992 collection, Tarantini in fact, which in a certain sense recovers its primary specialization, the dj, to mix something already lived and produce something that is new. Or at least it seems to the eyes and body of those who wear boxing jackets, shirts in wallpaper prints, jackets with a military look, jackets and trousers sprinkled with Swarovski, trousers and jackets in black leather. With an awareness: all the brands you see on the catwalk, from Adidas to Barracuta, are not quotes but collaborations. Here too a new way to bring back many historic names today.