The comfort of a luxury apartment with the services of a hotel: this is the ‘condo hotel’ formula, a business model that has been widespread abroad for some time and not very present in Italy. Palma Mysuite is planning a network of condo hotels in Italy, making its debut in Milan with the Palma Mysuite Milano Wjc, which is spread over four floors in the Wjc skyscraper in the Portello area, an area of ​​the city that is at the center of a urban and architectural regeneration. The Milanese hotel-apartments are designed for a luxury clientele. The structure consists of suites that are offered for sale and the owners can use it whenever they want, enjoying the services of a luxury hotel. For those who decide to invest in a suite by acquiring full property the advantages are many: they enjoy a second home in a prestigious context, despite being completely relieved of condominium and maintenance costs (which are borne of the company) and at the same time obtains a constant return because the company led by the president Marco Pennisi sells the suite when it is not used by the owner, thus guaranteeing him a fixed annual income “.