Pet mania is increasingly conquering the world of luxury. According to the research firm Emarketer, the world pet market by 2025 will value 270 billion dollars, 27 of which will concern the luxury pet market and Osservatorio Coop reports that in Italy there are 8 million pet dogs and 10 million cats. . For this reason the luxury houses have begun to increase the production of clothing and accessories for four-legged friends. A few examples? Moncler genius, Missoni, Fay, Dsquared2, Poldo Dog Couture, Versace Home with an ad hoc collection of garments with the image of the Medusa, collars, cushions and leashes embellished with the famous golden studs. Prada with collars, leashes, nylon down jackets and a sheepskin harness, a pet bag in leather and nylon and a name tag in brushed leather, Louis Vuitton, Etro with a Paisley print dog bed with matching pet carrier, Fendi with its own monographic pet carrier, in addition to collar and leash, Emporio Armani with bowl, container of croquettes and a bone in bioresin with truffle aroma. Elisabetta Franchi creates a line of accessories whose proceeds are donated to associations that deal with the protection of animals, Hermès offers a collar and leash in canvas and leather with a Rocabar motif, Ralph Lauren a complete wardrobe for all breeds, Valentino Garavani a customizable bag with the illustration of his dog or cat made by hand by Riccardo Cusimano.