Luxury brands focus on virtual sales. In October, a Dolce & Gabbana NFT collection raised about $ 5.7 million at auction. Nft, acronym of the English expression ‘Non-Fungible Token’, are digital certificates of authenticity that designate, as virtual, intangible and potentially infinitely replicable content. What makes them unique is the certification that takes place via blockchain, a system that regulates and records transactions and tracking, and which in the case of NFT certifies works of art and video games, luxury goods and, of course, high fashion pieces. Then there is Christie’s who put up for auction the work inspired by the fashion film ‘Gucci Aria’, co-directed by Alessandro Michele and photographer Floria Sigismondi, sold at auction for 20 thousand dollars. Already in 2019, Nike had also taken steps to ‘tie’ its sneakers to a digital asset anchored to the blockchain and to combat counterfeiting episodes. The technology in question is the Cryptokicks patent, thanks to which a digital identity can be associated with each shoe. Nike would even open some job positions to create content in this sector: the group would be looking for “virtual material designer of footwear” and “virtual designer” to be included in their team.