The Oscar-winning actress stars in a video shot by Sam Mendes, who in turn has already won the most coveted big-screen statuette


After the announcement of the appointment of Stefano Cantino (long experience by Prada) as vice president of communication and events of Louis Vuitton, the launch of Attrape Reves, the new fragrance, ninth of the collection, is presented and presented in the prestigious Rome office of Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, along with the related campaign that sees Emma Stone starred in a short film directed by Sam Mendes, both Academy Awards.

To baptize the new feminine scent “based on brilliant and sensual notes”, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, maitre parfumeur of the maison, author of the new fragrance.

The film by Mendes, who won five Academy Awards for his debut in cinema in 1999 with American Beauty, expresses the emotions of a woman’s life, evoking the spirit of the journey, a theme dear to Vuitton.

The changing scenarios evoke contrasting personalities that characterize the perfumes of the Vuitton perfume collection.