Lotta Volkova collaborates with one of the symbols of the Russian post-Soviet style, Adidas, for a collection of prêt-à-porter garments and accessories. “I feel Adidas has always been such a reference in Eastern European culture – Russian fashion stylist said – as well as Western subcultures, interpreted in so many ways. And its influence has gone way further outside of sports or fashion. For example, I love those kids in Russia who tattoo Adidas stripes on themselves, or shave them out on their heads, or make those stripes into massive stickers, branding their cars.” In the collection, stretch skater dresses appear worn over triple-stripe stay-ups, tracksuits are reimagined as boilersuits, and the brand’s omnipresent slide sandals are pumped up with a wedge heel. Volkova posted a very successful teaser for the collaboration on her Instagram.


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