The trend of cherry is also popular in luxury maison de parfum In fact


Tom Ford launches the new Last Cherry fragrance, a bewitching fragrance that reveals seduction but also sweetness.

The fragrance. The main notes of this luxurious fragrance are: cherry, bitter almond oil, black cherry syrup, rose absolute, Peru balsam and toasted tonka bean.

The initial olfactory sensations immediately express the tantalizing scent of the black cherry dampened by a touch of bitter almond.

Then an idyllic scent of black cherry syrup, Turkish rose and jasmine explodes.

Lost Cherry, a solid gourmand fragrance, and an essai of seductive contrasts.

The packaging. The 50 ml red-cherry frog is kept in a transparent pink glass that draws the silhouette of the Private Blend collection, inspired by the elegant architectural line of the chess pieces.

The pink label is emphasized by the writing with red characters.

The red-cherry box completes the ultra luxury packaging!