For over a century, the West Coast has been the chosen homeland of the most famous cloth in the world and its infinite experiments. The adventure continues.

The strong blue mania

The recent history of jeans is American (more correctly American) history of nearly two centuries. The U.S.A. in fact, specifically the territories of the West Coast, from the very beginning have been the chosen homeland of the massive and widespread use of this comfortable and very resistant fabric. The native country is another or rather two: Genoa in Italy and Nîmes in France. It is here in fact that in the 19th century, after several centuries of common use in Europe of moleskin cotton preferred to linen with respect to its greater resistance and chromatic brilliance, the first fabrics we could say jeans for packaging or workwear begin to be produced. It will be precisely its resistance and practicality in the workplace to transform this fabric into a real piece of clothing in San Francisco in the second half of the 19th century. In the first decades of the 1900s their use was extended from the work uniform par excellence to the fabric used for military uniforms and with the Second World War, thanks to the American liberation troops, jeans returned to Europe again. Historical courses and appeals, Vico would say, even in fashion. Yes, because we are talking about fashion. In fact, starting in 1968, thanks to the counter-culture movements and the Hollywood film industry, jeans began to become a symbol of fashion and status with a global reach. And here’s the Los Angeles Jeans Mania. It can in fact be said with certainty that today jeans continue to be the globalized and democratic clothes par excellence. The same for everyone and everyone in its common version while for a few in its current luxury versions born after the natural contamination that took place with the world of high fashion thanks to which in recent years we have come to propose different solutions to solve the problem of sustainability. environmental protection in the production of this fabric, leading to biodegradable jeans.

The Jeans by Frame and SLRVLAKE

Michele Franzese Moda focused on Frame and SLRVLAKE that represent two examples of Californian jeanswear culture. Hand-made with light interventions and their sinuous jeans are proposed as decidedly unique models. Slvrlake is inspired by the Los Angeles lifestyle with the aim of creating “the perfect pair of jeans” from a flawless fit to the high quality of the materials, which are also very resistant, combining it with timeless design. The centerpiece of their collection, the premium vintage indigo denim is a one-of-a-kind piece. Frame offers a modern and versatile wardrobe where denim never goes out of style. Fully artisanal and ready-to-wear production is the main goal of its founders Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede. Discover the Los Angeles Jeans Mania too.