The young duo of creatives Rushemi Botter and Lisi Herrebrug like it: as they like, moreover, the image of a woman who proposes or a girl of today visiting the Parisian atelier.

Flounces, balloon skirts, bubble-effect rouches, bubble for chewing gum. Or rather, following the teaser proposed a few weeks ago on the brand’s Instagram, women who “are inside a gum” with a caricature comic “Ninalicious” designed by the French illustrator Alexadre Nart, candy as accessories that become earrings.

Spencer jackets with seven hundred linings, metal colored pacotilles sweaters and flat spikes with a square toe captivate the nouvelle femme around the world, with a special mention for bags and hats.

If in fact at the autumn-winter fashion show the designers have won the hearts of all fashionistas with cloche hats, the models have walked the catwalk this season with overturned buckets and garden vases as bags, to the rhythm of I Can’t Stand the Rain by Tina Turner.

The colors, in addition to the more pop pink, range from orange to electric blue, from burgundy to sky blue; there are no prints, with the sole exception of two exits of python motifs.

Along with monochrome exits, there is a long dress with a ruffle collar in white satin, perfect for a three-chic bride. Dismantled, in this case, by a pair of male monkstrap in monochrome optical white.

A collection that lightly recounts 50s’ couture shapes and contemporary irreverence that is conquering the most elegant on the planet.