Lapo Elkann has launched a new collection of glasses, the Laps Collection, with 12 models


The Laps Collection is the latest effort by Lapo Elkann and of course on the brands of Italia Independent eyewear.

The sunglasses collection consists of 12 models, very fashionable and studied on the shades of blue.

It is no coincidence that the press conference was staged on a moving blue tram in the center of Milan.

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“I am proud that these products have become reality and excited to see them worn. What I am most fond of is the ‘Avvocato’ model dedicated to my grandfather Giovanni Agnelli and also the model dedicated to Enzo Ferrari “.

Among the most interesting models, there is also one dedicated to the artist Keith Haring, the Keith.



With Laps, Lapo explained, “we wanted to make the spearhead of the Italia Independent company”, working on three worlds that are very close to me: art, motoring and vintage Made in Italy icons that we wanted to reinterpret in a 4.0 way.

The collection is made both of sunglasses (7 models) and vision (in 5 models) and our goal is to return to be the first as already done with Italia Independent.
Sales of the Laps Collection started after the end of the press conference. How much do they cost? It starts from 200 euros.