Lacoste goes golfing with a twist, or two

Practically every look was informed by golfing in Lacoste’s latest show, staged on a mock course inside the Lycee Carnot on a freezing Wednesday morning in north Paris. Though, quite frankly, as any real golfer could tell you, this looked like the saddest of golf courses, with little to do with the natural beauty of a true parkland course.
Designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s first drives: flowing nylon parkas for a wet day on the bunkers; knit dresses for a cocktail on the 19th green; and inside-out blousons with shearling patches to follow a round by a major professional. He never lacks humor; like his grey sweatshirt bearing the legend La Chemise Lacoste; or a couple of fantastic nylon capes made in a patchwork pattern of tourist postcards of African tigers. Oliveira Baptista also cut admirable plaid polo shirts elongated into picnic dresses and great Argyle pattern capes; and dreamed up a jump suit topped by an Eisenhower jacket.

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