The colors of spring / summer 2018 are strong but also pastel shades

The 2018 spring / summer color trends are divided into two categories: on the one hand we find a strong and lively palette, on the other we have pastel colors. Let’s find out together …

Lavender: it is the color that will dominate in absolute terms. Romantic and elegant at the same time, it can be worn both as a masculine suit and as a light garment that takes on volume.

Violet: chosen by Pantone in shades, Ultra Violet, as color for the year 2018.

Rapture rose: a full and intense pink that stylists combine with light and transparent fabrics.

Sky blue: fresh color, synonymous with clear weather for coaches for midi or long dresses.

Light green: fashion returns to propose green even for summer 2018, but suggests a delicate and fresh shade.

Military green: neutral color that often breaks elegant or sporty looks with items stolen from the military wardrobe.

Milk white: a warm and full shade. Nothing to do with optical white, cooler and cyborg lapel.

Chocolate: intense and enveloping, it will be impossible to resist this nuance, just like a chocolate.

Yellow: it is a lively and energetic yellow, but also a bit crazy. The confirmation of this color also for 2018 is strictly linked to viola, because its complementary.

Red: it is an enveloping red and absolutely daring.

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