A journey through the costume to the rediscovery of the revolutionary couturier, and his endless contemporary reworkings


Success announced in Forlì for “VINTAGE! The fashion that lives twice “, the fair that put together clothing, accessories, furniture, collectible memorabilia and much more, in” retro “style, and that this year celebrated the myth and history of one of the brands most beloved of all time: Yves Saint Laurent, combined with the legendary style of the Harley Davidson.

A journey in costume, style, memories still alive and far from yellowed by time, which spans a period between the ’20s and the early 90s of the twentieth century.

The fair organized by Romagna Fiere hosted an interesting three-day event dedicated to selected and qualified exhibitors with a wide range of garments and accessories, still very current cult objects, which marked an era and remained in the collective memory also thanks to the superior quality with which they were produced and the possibility that today they offer to reinvent a personal and refined style.

A happy oasis for fans of “fashion remake” who have been able to browse through unique pieces and creations that are the result of reworking dated or discarded materials and, indeed, authentic “works of art on wheels” from the post-war period to today. Symbols of freedom, style and personality, long journeys on the roads and in time. Absolute emblem of vintage.

For the designer who has marked one of the most significant chapters in the history of haute couture, Yves Saint Laurent, an exhibition dedicated to elegance and lifestyles from the 20s to the 80s was also created, an exhibition of dresses that are more representative of the research and production of the designer who has defined himself as “a manufacturer of happiness”, from which also the name of the show that winds through clothes that have become a true cult of fashion history, which recount its stylistic code: from the masculine elements applied to the female wardrobe to the volumes, from the very personal use of color to the geometries, up to the oriental and artistic influences that have made it famous.

Yves Saint Laurent, French designer of Algerian origins born in 1936, took over the creative direction of the Maison Dior at the age of only 21, when Christian Dior disappears. At the end of her first show, in 1958, the New York Herald Tribune defined her collection as “the greatest orgy of the senses in the history of fashion”. At the heart of her Maison, founded in 1962, there are women of her age for whom she “build happiness”: a happiness made of attention and details to make them feel at home in every situation.

Its collections are inspired by art, history and literature, expertly mixing unusual combinations of colors, opulence of fabrics, rich embroidery and printed patterns: from ancient China to Peru, from Africa to Morocco, from Matisse to Picasso. His most important creations date back to the ’60s, from the 1966 “tuxedo look” to the “safari look” with the famous 1968 Saharan, applying masculine style to women’s fashion and becoming a pioneer of the unisex concept.

Passionate, countercurrent, refined and revolutionary, Yves Saint Laurent has been able to give an artistic, sophisticated and recognizable character to every detail of his high-end tailoring activities for the processes in which he molded and forged his garments, were the contaminations of the painters he loved most. Mondrian, Wharol, Goya, just to name a few. Artists of which he was surrounded also in his private life, through some priceless priceless works, 730 to be precise, auctioned after his death and that in life had inspired him for the creation of his masterpieces of style. Style that made it an icon of the twentieth century and immediately led to global success.