The growth forecasts for 2019 for Italian exports are confirmed: Sace Simest points out in its ‘Export Report’ that made in italy in 2020 should increase of 2.8%, while for the two-year period 2021-2022 sales of Italian goods abroad should accelerate to an average annual of 3.7%. The countries to focus on for italian export are China, Japan, India, Malaysia and Vietnam; Morocco, Peru, Qatar, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary in Europe. Sace Simest has focused on textiles and clothing sector: sales of Italian products (+ 2.9% for the next year and + 3.3%, on average in the following two years) will be able to take advantage of the positive developments expectations in South Korea, characterized by an urban and well-heeled consumer base with increasingly sophisticated tastes. Opportunities exist for high-end brands, the sports sector and exclusive segments such as cashmere products, which are becoming very popular. Made in Italy fashion will also find opportunities in Japan. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Kumamoto are establishing themselves as additional fashion hubs. Italian exports of clothing and footwear products will also find a fashionable market in Qatar, where luxury goods represent 6% of the total. The country wishes to rival Dubai as the main shopping destination in the area.