How have influencers changed in the era of Covid? A recent report on the subject by Klear reports that the impact of collaborations with influencers in 2020 rose by 57% compared to last year. The contents were conveyed mainly through Instagram Stories with an increase of 32 percent. In 2020, the percentage of growth in influencer marketing linked to Z Gen (18-24 years) grew from 31 to 34% and, given the constant increase in the purchasing power of this age group, is destined to rise further. TikTok even marks + 130% of sponsored commercial activities. Klear underlines how the use of short videos conveyed through TikTok and Instagram Stories are gaining ground at the expense of ‘static’ posts on social networks. This is also evidenced by the landing on the Chinese social network by numerous fashion brands and the high speed with which tiktokers, often little more than teenagers, multiply.