A few seasons ago, Sport Finance, Kappa’s distributor in France, showed muscles in the field of sport. Since then, the revival of the 1990s has emerged and millennials have massively adopted the logos of sportswear brands of that decade.

Kappa loved it in the UK thanks to its retro football spirit – Kappa

The Italian brand Kappa is one of those who have benefited from this trend. “We were there at the time. Kappa was then the sponsor of great football teams like Barcelona and Milan, or Juventus of Zidane. With the “little men” logo and its unmistakable stripes on the side of sweaters and overalls, it had very strong branding elements “, explains Julien Bianchi, director of Kappa’s offer and product for Sport Finance. We have the perfect archives. And of course we feel this growth “.

Kappa was not the first brand to capture this trend. The US Champion label and above all the Italian Fila were the most ready to react. But the brand, owned by the BasicNet group, has been able to structure its offer.

To this end, he launched Kappa Kontroll, entrusting it to renowned designers and pronounced creative accents. The line, proposed in France by the Robert Dodd showroom, allows the Piedmontese brand to enter highly specialized and sophisticated stores, as in the case of some collaborations with brands such as the rocking Faith Connexion or the more mainstream K-Way (which is part of the his own group, ed.).

“With Sport Finance, we started distributing Kappa four years ago. And clearly, for the fashion offer, we immediately benefited from the trend of retro football in England, “recalls the French manager. “The market was perfect, because we started from scratch in this country and we directly touched the top of the pyramid. We entered Urban Outfitters, Foot Locker. It all started very quickly with an adherence to the logo. On other markets, like France, Spain or Portugal, we are a sportswear brand. It is more complicated to convince a fashion network when, historically, products for sports practice are sold “.


Kappa Authentic focuses on more fashion items – Kappa

To seduce, Kappa (brand born in 1978 within Maglificio Calzificio Torinese as a label with a more sporty connotation of the Robe di Kappa brand) has therefore had to offer something more than its basic cotton garments, recently developing a new line of sneakers. The brand has also brought a touch of fashion to its lines. Thus, its easily identifiable band on the side was applied to a series of fifteen denim garments in its latest collection.

“Denim and sportswear are cousins. We interpret denim on a hoodie, a jacket with a zip or a pair of trousers with press studs “, explains Julien Bianchi. “We have equipped ourselves with garments with an aesthetic. We are coming out of the slim and skinny diktat. There is a return to loose cuts and this corresponds more to our identity. For us it would have been more complicated to work with the ultra slim “. With its fashion-conscious garments, Kappa Kontroll therefore has the right tools to stand out from the competition.

For the structure managed by Sport Finance, the business of Kappa Kontroll is particularly driven by this niche, with two-digit progressions that allow it to reach almost 70 million euros in turnover in 2018, while the

Authentic area (the heritage line of the brand) currently represents around 20 million. In total, the Italian brand is distributed in over 3,000 stores in France, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal and Switzerland.

Beyond the fashion brands, the trend allows Kappa Kontroll to gain in desirability even in the world of sport.

As did Paris Saint-Germain with Jordan, professional teams are looking for fashion solutions for their lines dedicated to fans. With Authentic, Kappa Kontroll stood out and recently signed with Betis Siiviglia in Spain. When fashion fuels sport.


Kappa interprets denim in a sportswear version – KappaThe BasicNet group was born in Turin in 1995, founded and still chaired by Marco Boglione, who took over the bankruptcy auction the historic company Maglificio Calzificio Torinese, founded in 1916 and owner of the brands Robe di Kappa (created in 1968), Kappa (1978 ) and Jesus Jeans (1971). Over the years, the brand portfolio of the BasicNet group has been joined by the K-Way brands (in 2004), Superga (in 2007), Sabelt (in 2011), Briko (in 2017) and Sebago (in 2017).

BasicNet closed the first half of 2018 with a consolidated net profit of 6.5 million euro, up 87% compared to the same period of 2017, and with a group turnover of 92.7 million euro , growing by 9.8% (+ 10.4% at constant exchange rates).