The Kantar Institute interviewed a sample of over 25,000 consumers from all over the world (in 30 countries) to learn about the expectations they place on Covid19 brands, with the aim of helping company executives make decisions and stay in tune with their customers. Consumers above all want brands to take care of the health of their employees (78% of those who responded) and to implement a flexible work policy for their employees. Only 8% identify stopping advertising as a priority. Pitfalls to Avoid? Take advantage of the coronavirus situation to promote your brand (for 75% of the sample) and use a humorous tone (for 40% of consumers). Since the lockdown decreed in many countries, web browsing has increased by 70% and engagement on social networks by 61% compared to before. WhatsApp is the social media that has benefited from a greater increase in its use (51% in recent weeks), followed by Facebook (+ 37%).
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