John Galliano, legendary designer currently at the helm of Maison Margiela was one of the protagonists of Vogue Global conversations. He announced he is designing the Maison Margiela Artisanal collection with members of his team over Zoom and using these new technologies to inspire a new methodology for showcasing fashion.  Galliano hopes this pause in the fashion system can break down the barriers between genders. “If showrooms, boy’s and girl’s, could merge, it would cut down a lot of travel, a lot of waste, and it’s a much more exciting way of buying collections too. Beyond that, you can start to create newer shapes by working across genders. You can chill out the cut of the dress. Also, it’s inspired me to take what’s synonymous with a very feminine way of cutting, the bias-cut dresses—you know, my dresses—but taking that idea and proposing that in the boy genre of clothes: a suit, a caban, a trench”.


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