The brand designed by Lucie and Luke Meier presents starting from f-w 2019/20 the new collection that will add to the main line a series of garments designed for «life away from the city». The first creations are the result of a partnership with Mackintosh

Jil Sander presents Jil Sander +. Starting from the autumn / winter 2019/20 collection, every season the new integration, designed for men and women, will enrich the main collection with a series of garments designed for «life away from the city: mountain, sea and country trips ».

Most of the pieces are unisex and all are the work of the creative directors of the Lucie and Luke Meier brands. “They’ve both grown up feeling at home in the mountains, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing and living in nature. Both appreciate garments that are at the same time practical, ergonomic, beautiful, able to withstand adverse weather conditions but still comfortable “, says a note by the Onward brand, to motivate this new choice.

The addition of the + symbol to the Jil Sander logo stands for organic, high-performance and often eco-sustainable fibers. It also indicates targeted collaborations. Some products are in fact created with companies appreciated by the two creatives for their technical skills and for their constant research. These co-labs aim to expand the boundaries of both companies with their respective products, absorbing and enhancing the expertise of the people involved in the entire process.

Some look from Jil Sander+

This season’s partnership is with Mackintosh, one of the world’s greatest outerwear creators for over 200 years, which is characterized by the handling of rubberised welded fabrics. The range includes outdoor clothing and accessories with different features.

The first Jil Sander + collection also features a denim line. The fabrics come from factories in Japan, even the production is Japanese. The line also includes padded parkas, hoods, knitwear and easily compacted outerwear in high-performance fabric, trench coats, jerseys and accessories. Sturdy and solid boots, slippers and warm mohair blankets. Silk pajamas and nightgowns.

The fabrics are mostly natural or technical, including jersey, moleskin, recycled cashmere, silk and Ventile cotton. Even the palette is natural with shades of snow white, butter, banana yellow, aqua blue, sage green, camel, granite gray, violet and deep blue.