Focus on Sustainability for Jeckerson, the “trousers with patches” brand (founded in 1995 in Bologna by the Chionna brothers, since 2008 owned by English fund Stirling Square Capital Partners) who presented a “green” collaboration at Pitti Uomo. The partnership with the manufacturer Berto features jeans made of eco-sustainable denim, characterized by the #donotbetrayournature pay off, shown on the trousers behind the zip. The goal is that in the following winter season the denim proposals will be made with these fabrics. Berto denim, Detox certified, allows to reduce water and chemicals and energy used to make it by 80% and 50% respectively. Jeckerson trousers will have a packaging made of recycled materials, a tag that dissolves in water and a QR Code through which the customer can view all the information relating to the project from the brand website.