It’s time to shine! This is the mood that guided the creation of the shots that accompany Michele Franzese Moda’s website and social networks in this part of the year. The evocative location, a riot of style, innovation and art in which the campaign was created, made it possible to create a shooting in which luxury meets the timeless elegance of precious clothes and iconic accessories.

Orgasme parfumes

For the release of the campaign for the Orgasme parfumes line, by Michele Franzese Moda, we focused on one of the works of art that could best describe an eternal vision of love and its infinite variations, namely “Cupid and Psyche” by Canova. Intertwining, gazes and silence around them, to tell the intimacy of authentic hugs and loves, to make an increasingly narcissistic generation rediscover the true Art of Loving.


A few details on the Orgasme parfumes line by Michele Franzese Moda and in particular on Orgasm 2, the latest arrival in chronological order among the home fragrances at Michele Franzese. Each essence that makes up this creation comes from wonderful places, such as the red berries of Brazil, the violet of France, the vanilla of Madagascar, the rose of Turkey and the jasmine of Egypt. The whole is then mixed with 3ml of 18ct gold powder.

The olfactory pyramid

This is therefore the olfactory pyramid of Orgasm 2, an absolutely aphrodisiac perfume. Top: red berries from France, Egyptian geranium, peach and berries; heart: violet of France, rose of Turkey, jasmine of Egypt and patchouli of Indonesia; tail: white musk, amber, vanilla from Madagascar, pine from France.

Perfumes are produced in France in 2010

Born in 1970 in Naples with a great passion for fashion, Michele Franzese inaugurated his first boutique in Sant’Anastasia in 1992, and then later opened in Naples, in Via Morelli (corner of Piazza dei Martiri), one of the most renowned streets of shopping nationwide. Thanks to his strong personality and his great intuition, Michele Franzese created his first line of perfumes produced in France in 2010. His perfumes, among which Orgasme gold, Orgasme scandalous and Spa are exclusive essences with unique characteristics in the world

it's time to shine!
It's time to shine