Veronica Etro finds inspiration in the beauty and artistic-cultural heritage of Italy and launches a new colorful, relaxed and spontaneous collection that reinterprets the bourgeois spirit of the brand, but with a touch of irony. A nautical theme finds expression in motifs of ropes, marine chains, anchors, shells, stripes and sailboats. The Pegasus-Triton appears as a logo on T-shirts and crop sweaters. The Paisley motif, an icon of the brand, is revisited in a new monochrome graphic. Bermuda shorts are paired with printed bustiers and light twill jackets, cuffed jeans worn with one-piece swimsuits and tight at the waist by belts with ropes and chains. The new summer outfit includes bikinis with retro shapes worn with wide slit skirts dotted with buttons. Capri pants and tailored vests are combined with knotted scarves that become micro tops. Archive denim is used for shorts and shirts, a soft printed sponge gives life to versatile tunics. The souvenir T-shirt is embellished with embroideries depicting postcard-style landscapes. Maritime combinations of blue, white and red alternate with sorbet, feminine and romantic tones with shades of lime yellow, turquoise, orange, salmon, lavender and mint.

Etro, in the international imagination, is linked to a clear symbol full of meanings: paisley. The famous drop-shaped motif originates in Mesopotamia, where it symbolized the bud of the date palm, the tree of life. The brand, born from the creative inspiration of Gerolamo Etro, known as Gimmo, started its business in 1968, with the production of furnishing fabrics: from cashmere and silk fabrics, to linen and cotton, each fabric painted, through the use of intense colors such as orange, yellow and fuchsia, a new idea of ​​style. Over time, paisley has therefore become synonymous with sophisticated and first-rate garments and accessories, with a love for culture, exploration and history, with an elegant, wonderful, chic and colorful look.