Nobody expected Maison Margela’s decision, for sure nobody who knew John Galliano even a bit more


Maison Margiela creative director John Galliano is the latest designer to go fur-free.

He’s joining the likes of Gucci, Versace, and Michael Kors—brands which have all made similar announcements recently.

But other than Giorgio Armani, who went fur-free in 2016, Galliano is the only one who shows at couture week in Paris.

The news might strike you as a bit of a surprise.

Galliano isn’t the last person we’d expect to denounce fur, but he certainly isn’t the first to come to mind.

From his theatrical collections at Dior to his current work at Margiela, Galliano deals in fantasy and beauty; his collections rarely make headlines for their commerciality or politics.

But a chance encounter with PETA senior vice president Dan Mathews changed his perspective: “One summer, I was swimming in the sea with Penélope Cruz in St.-Tropez,” Galliano told French Elle in a joint interview with Mathews. “And just then, Dan’s face popped out of the water. It was like in Jaws, very frightening!”

The duo went on to discuss their then-opposing views on fur; Galliano found it alluring because of its “frivolous sense of debauchery,” and Mathews explained the mistreatment of animals on fur farms in China and beyond.

Galliano’s recent switch to vegetarianism—and his beloved dog, Gipsy—also played a part in his decision to go fur-free. “[The real luxury today] is authenticity and inventiveness,” he said.