Is the rain anorak the new leather jacket?

Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief, because the days of choosing between fashion and function are finally over. Building on the craze for all things athleisure, designers have chosen the waterproof, wind-resistant anorak as the latest outerwear staple for Spring 2018. From the sporty oversize jackets Rihanna paired with track pants at Fenty x Puma to the sherbet-tint transparent coats so prevalent at Burberry, there is no longer an excuse for not appropriately dressing for the weather.

The anorak can be recognized by its drawstring waist ties and insulated interior

Differing slightly from the standard rain jacket, the anorak can be recognized by its drawstring waist ties and insulated interior. Initially constructed as a durable top to be worn by U.S. Army members in the 1940s, the lightweight fishtail parka infiltrated the fashion scene several years later as a key garment for members of London’s mod scene. After that, it gained a bad rap, more associated with ’90s L.L.Bean catalogues and the granola crowd.

Find your anorak through Valentino, Bottega Veneta or Mary Katrantzou collections

For next season, however, the everyday anorak has been elevated from camp gear to couture. A fresh spin was put on the traditional windbreaker at Valentino, where it was paired with pointed-toe stilettos and silk separates, while at Bottega Veneta, it doubled as a shirtdress, belted at the waist and topped off with a neck scarf. Mary Katrantzou revived a long-forgotten 2000s trend when she gave her color-blocked, waterproof nylon a bubble hem.