The social visual shows its ever more symbiotic relationship with designers all over the world

The Milan Design Week has just ended, and yet the passion for design continues to burn both for professionals, and for those who are enthusiastic whenever they come across an installation or a single piece, both for Instagram, which has opened a new profile called @design, which shows the work of the platform designer team at the same level as the works produced by emerging artists from around the world.

“Through @design we will take you behind the scenes of emerging designers and artists while they are at home, in the studio or invited to international festivals in the sector.

We will also explore our creative process in Instagram – from the moment we define problems to prototyping tools, augmented-reality simulations, weekly team meetings, and much more. ” design Easy to understand why this profile is destined to become one of the main points of reference, as well as an authoritative source of inspiration, on Instagram for designers all over the world – and also for those who are not professionals, but want to peek a little inside a fascinating world made up of ideas and putting them into practice.

The most Instagram Design Week of all time

The Milan Design Week 2018 was one of the most instagrammates of all time: characterized by a series of installations and scenographic projects, designed specifically to unleash that impulse to get the phone out of the bag, take a picture and immediately share it on the social lose the real time effect. One of the most popular initiatives on the social network was Cristina Celestino’s Tram Corallo, which, inspired by the theme of the trip, made a contemporary re-reading of the historic tram 1928.

However, the most explicitly social installation of all is the #MillennialPinkRoom of DesignByGemini, which addresses itself in no uncertain terms to the millennial generation and does so through those symbols in which this is most recognized.

The importance of being instagrammable

Is instagrammability really the key to being interesting? It seems so, at least for the first impression. But what does it mean to be instagrammable?

Currently it seems that this translates into a pop-eclectic style, sometimes a bit ‘kitsch, which prefers the colors of candy pink and electric blue, characterized by LEDs, wallpapers with banana leaves, flamingos and unicorns, and details optical. design Media Noche San Francisco

Today, we queue for hours to enter the exquisitely instagrammali premises, where you can eat the instafood and take a break in the toilet with the hope of finding a mirror that justifies and embellishes the shot of the usual selfie in the bathroom.

A young designer who is becoming a perfect interpreter of an Instagram-style design is Harry Nuriev: his is a patinated minimalism that plays with the styles of an instagram-oriented culture, putting in place an imperfect perfection of shapes and colors.

Instagram loves design

As the undisputed king of visual storytelling, Instagram is undoubtedly the most strategic social media to use for a designer, both to be noticed and to interact and get contaminated by other designers. The recent “Collections” function, among other things, moves precisely towards a direction in which inspiration econtamination become the two big keywords for those who use (well) the platform. However, it is important to make a digression on the danger of homologation that can be run in this way: remember that it is important to stand out using the stylistic features of the current trends (The Instagram Effect) but to be remembered compared to the others is necessary to be relevant and unique.

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