A brand that for many lovers of men’s fashion has long been synonymous with quality, and that for some time has come back into vogue with a winning strategy combined once again with a high perception of the product. We are talking about Gazzarrini, one of the most appreciated men’s fashion house of the boot, told exclusively by Michele Franzese Magazine by Ciro Sorbino, owner and product manager.

D .: Gazzarrini is becoming for many a synonym of innovation. But not everyone knows that the brand has solid roots in a tradition of quality …

Absolutely. Tradition and innovation are a fundamental combination for Gazzarrini.

The Brand has Tuscan origins, therefore, it took its first steps in one of the symbolic lands of Italian culture, making all the virtues of Made in Italy its own: elegance, design skills and cutting-edge production techniques.

History has given us an important DNA, which we will preserve and project over the seasons according to a current and modern key.

D.: To celebrate his return to the fashion Olympus, Gazzarrini has chosen one of the most evocative places in Florence, the Odeon Theater, where the Cinematic Opera Party went on stage one night. What strategy was behind this choice and what results did it bring?

The main objective was to create something suggestive. A unique experience, able to fully represent what we want to offer with our collections and remain etched in people’s minds. From the old admirers of the Brand, invited to an important rediscovery, to simple fashion enthusiasts.

After many reflections, the choice could only be Florence. A solution that combined “mind and heart”. The rational part pushed us there at Pitti Uomo, an essential event for those who do our work, the emotional one has let itself be fascinated by the possibility of starting from where it all started.

Just like in a real cinematic show, the event experienced several growing phases: a gala dinner, a mapping show that presented the collection and, finally, a dj-set in partnership with Martini.

Participation was alive and well above expectations. So much so that in the following days we had difficulty managing the requests for contact received.

To conclude, we can certainly say that it was a fundamental step to fully sanction Gazzarrini‘s return, as much as for us as for the public.

D .: Meanwhile, Gazzarrini has moved its production center to Campania. Here too, a non-random choice …

It has long been obvious to everyone that Campania, especially Naples, is experiencing years of great creative and cultural ferment.

Furthermore, these places have been and still are today the cradle of one of the best tailoring traditions in the world. Thanks to these contaminations, the collections have been enriched giving life to an even higher project.

D .: The brand tells a man in search of difference, of experimentation. How does all this combine with the most rigorous taste for Made in Italy?

Probably the key is precisely in balance.

Know how to dare, break what are unwritten rules of the traditional Italian style, but respecting their essence, values and expressions.

Q .: And among the men who prefer Gazzarrini, there are also very famous ones …

The collections are getting wide acclaim at all levels and we are happy to have had the good fortune to wear different important personalities.

Wanting to name a few:

Brazilian world champion Dani Alves, former Napoli captain Marek Hamsik, pop star Álvaro Soler, Italian singer-songwriter Enrico Nigiotti and chef Damiano Carrara.

D .: After the relaunch, the opening of Casa Gazzarrini Showroom in Milan gave a further boost to the brand’s visibility. What distinguishes this latest initiative and which ones will be next?

The opening on the occasion of the Men’s Fashion Week was a strategic and symbolic choice: Casa Gazzarrini is – on the one hand – a space in which to intensify and build commercial relations and on the other, the place in which to celebrate the collections, take care of communication, organizing events.

An exclusive showcase to give maximum visibility to Gazzarrini creations, in Italy and around the world.

We are working in parallel with several projects including the opening of a flag-ship store in the Italian fashion capital, Milan.

Q .: Through which distribution channels do you intend to preferably promote the sale of the latest creations and why?

In reality, there will be no preferred distribution channels. First of all, we will continue with the brand positioning strategies started during the past year, strengthening relations with the most important national and international boutiques.

On the foreign front, we have launched an important expansion plan with the opening of over 250 corners in the best department stores in the world, such as: Hudson’s Bay, Stockman, Harvey Nichols, Galleries Lafayette, PKZ, BHV Marais and Salam Stores.

The ultimate goal of all online and off-line activities will be to guarantee the public the possibility of living a coherent multi-channel experience.

Q .: What materials have you preferred in the last collection and why?

For most people, the summer collection can be more “simple” than the winter one, above all, in relation to the possible choice and application of fabrics / materials.

For this reason we have tried to make it even more personal and rich, through a game of volumes and fabrics: dry cut for very fresh wools and twisted cottons, large shapes for linen and viscose.

D.: Who directs the brand’s creativity and according to what inspirations?

Although there are designated managers, in each department of the Company there is a horizontal organization oriented towards propositional confrontation.

We have never liked too much the “labels” and the limits that derive from them.

We believe that good ideas are always the result of comparison.

We are fortunate to have a young and innovative team followed by an industrial group with over 40 years of history behind us in the world of men’s fashion.

This allows us to have the right mix of experience and innovation.

Regarding our inspiration, it starts from the individual himself. From our ideal man, which we could define as “New Contemporary Man”.

They are individualists, in some cases even self-centered, attentive to their image: refined, refined and elegant. Unique characters who know they are.

We love to accompany them with leaders who are able to represent them and convey their message clearly and strongly.

Q .: Have you planned short, medium and long term goals not only for commercial purposes but also for stylistic evolution?

Without wishing to reveal too much … we decided to work further on the recognition of Gazzarrini creations, adding details and distinctive features that make the product immediately identifiable.

D .: Fashion shows, e-commerce, parties. Success seems to smack with Gazzarrini. Which, however, will have a dream in the drawer …

Our journey started in the best way we could wish, but we are aware that we are only at the beginning. Our dream is to win a prominent place in the Italian fashion scene.