An interactive platform where you can imagine, create, wear and share the piece of clothing born of the emotion of the moment


It’s Never Tee Stop ( the first Social Fashion Lab where all the professionals in the fashion world can interact with each other: fashion designer, stylist, illustrator, photographer, videomaker, editor and influencer.
Never Tee Stop focuses on users with an innovative proposal of smart working and placement in the world of work.

An experience that finds its concrete application thanks to the interest of the students of the Fashion Academies: Istituto di Moda Burgo in the two offices of Rome and Milan, Ied Rome and Ied Milan, the Koefia Academy of Rome, the Italian Academy of Florence, Poliarte Accademia of the fine arts and design of Ancona are the first realities involved in the project.
Through a free workshop calendar held personally by the founder of Never Tee Stop Juriy Villanova, the digital platform is illustrated to the students, along with the concept of the project.

«I have always had a passion for fashion – explains Juriy Villanova, born in 1991 – and I started my career as an advertising graphic designer. Just this work put me in touch with many young creatives who wanted a logo, a brand. But I have seen many of these renounce the dream due to the many difficulties of emerging and doing business ».

Thus, in the Latina boy, an idea was born: “To bring together in a single digital platform the creative phase and the production phase to coin a new fashion concept and thus become an innovative business model of the sector”.

«We meet the young people, the young designers, directly in the Academy and in the Schools – adds Villanova – and their product ideas are proposed on the Net and on social networks to sift the approval of the public. In parallel, a special office studies the feasibility of the product and economic sustainability ».
Never Tee Stop has the expertise and funding of Serigraf, a graphic company from Cisterna di Latina, where Juriy started working a few years ago, led by three entrepreneurs who were looking for life for their business.

The goal is to create a collection that, unlike the classic collection of only dresses or sun bags, “presents a total look of at least 20 products: from t-shirt to sweatshirt, from apparel to accessories such as eyewear and bag” , explains Villanova.

In short, Never Tee Stop deconstructs the classic business model and focuses on users who are part of the platform, primarily fashion designers, making them protagonists and investing on their creativity and projects that can develop freely, without any constraint. Furthermore, it is a work opportunity.

“The platform – concludes Villanova – promotes smart working through our virtual office and the creators are recognized a fee, established by contract, on the success of the Capsule Collection”. The next appointment with “the 4 inspirations” of fashion is now in September.