The one of “Impasse”, company founded this year in Naples that was born specializing in the production of casual clothing and then established itself for the use of exclusive and avant-garde fabrics, is a beautiful story. It is the story of a brand, the founders explain, given birth in a period when it seemed forbidden to do so, a time when we do not leave and do not arrive, we are alone and we live this moment as a transition a must, before returning to daily normality, made up of duties such as work, passions and above all dreams. “For us – explain the founders – it was inevitable to leave, we felt the need to do so, because we have a goal to reach, perhaps right at the bottom of that alley according to many blind people, but in which we are sure that each of us It will find its way, also because – they continue – there is a moment in which life puts you in front of a choice, and either you halve your dream or you double your courage. And this will be our path, made up of many sacrifices, but for which we will also be accompanied by the passion, strong competence, careful research and innovation that give life to the style of our brand”.

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