The Tarì will hold its next business appointment in February, ten days earlier than the natural dates of March and May. The event will be attended by many small family businesses that have direct relationships with consumers, supported by the goldsmith center of Marcianise to encourage a proximity purchase process. Vincenzo Giannotti, president of the production and exhibition pole of jewelry, goldsmithing, corals and cameos, watches and fashion accessories, explains: “We will create a showcase that will allow direct online contact only b2b, between our companies and their buyers, thus strengthening the relationship continuity with customers. The debut edition in October 2020 of the new Open format (business event-meeting) saw the participation of 480 companies for 3,700 stores from all over Italy present in the 4 days of the event, mainly from the North-East. Thanks to the collaboration with ICE Agenzia, an eagerly awaited incoming of European buyers from Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain and Albania took place, with meetings based on appointments, carried out in maximum safety “.