How to rethink the retail experience? The “Outlook 2020” report shows some beat practises, from the dressing rooms of Mango, where it is possible to choose the favorite music playlist, at the Neff Appliances Showroom in Dublin, “containers of ideas” without goods directly purchased in store, to create memorable in-store experiences that online is not (yet) able to generate. “Green”is another fundamental factor. Consumers will increasingly pay attention to environmental, economic and social sustainability contents of the products they intend to buy. However, the offer with the cheapest price will continue to guide the choices. Then… there is the trust factor for the benefit of the physical store, where the customer can interact personally with a competent staff or try and test the products directly. The ability to manage and analyze its data and an easy use of new technologies complete the recipe for the retailer’s success of the (next) future.