Sophia Webster once again plays with elegance and irony

The new trend of fashion bags has arrived. Sophia Webster has delighted the it girls around the globe thanks to a cool and nice creation.

We are talking about Hold me, the most requested signed bag. Its particularity makes it a must have for all women who follow fashion closely.

The South African designer wanted to celebrate the tenderness, the passion and the love that is expressed in the word “hold me”, “hold me”, “hold me”.

What are you waiting for? The new creation of Webster is a delight for the eyes. Detailed with its handle in the shape of a vignette, we will soon see it breaking through the hearts of women. In the “speech bubble” the phrase “hold me”, hold me.

How not to do it? The model comes in a trapezoidal shape, made of leather and available in four colors and prints. Soft and neutral colors, such as candy pink, white and black; and the animal print gives an elegant and at the same time aggressive touch to the wearer.

An essential accessory in the spring wardrobe, which will certainly not go unnoticed. The comfortable shoulder strap also allows you to wear it as a “shoulder bag”, as well as a handbag. In short, a perfect mix of comfort and design that makes Hold me already a style icon. On the other hand, Sophia Webster is known for giving life to beautiful, fabulous original creations. We remember the sandals set with swarovski diamonds and the butterfly wings applied to the back of the shoe.

Actually, Hold Me had already made its debut in the past, in the form of speech bubble clutch, and today the idea has been revolutionized to give life to something bigger and more iconic. The 26 cm most coveted are now available on the website of the brand and are ready to change the perception of fashion accessories 2019.