For young and old, super glam and very hot:  the Mou boots

Warm and very trendy ankle boots for the colder months. The Mou are a must: low, comfortable and with visible seams, are an unmissable outfit for December and January, perhaps to combine with a fur coat or a fur hat.

The Mou Boots have a relatively recent history, which has seen a surge and boom in the last decade.



The Shelley Tichborne Mou label is London-based and was founded in a forge-house of styles and trends. Portobello Road, 2002. The idea was born from the propulsive drive to design a warm and luxurious boot able to repair from anxiety, cold and stress.

Shelley Tichborne had the brilliant intuition of combining casual, style, comfort and winter suggestions to create a trendy but also quality boot. The Mou respect the ecology and the nature and the brand is very attentive to the quality of the materials: each piece is created in soft sheepskin a seam in relief made of crochet in natural wool; it is precisely the seam and the wool finish that distinguishes the Mou from each other.


The palette of colors available is quite wide: the key colors of the Mou collection are gray and beige, but you can also find them in many other nuances and especially with different decorations and applications, from crystals to stones to glittering.

The Mou have no heel and can be, at the ankle level, model ankle boots or high up to the knee.

The convenience of Mou has spread rapidly and not only among London customers but also in the world of celebrity: among the stars who love these products are Sienna Miller, Marion Cotillard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz.