Couture Engineering for women and Sartorial Engineering for men, the Fall Winter 2019-2020 Herno collections


The Italian brand Herno develops a collection carrying on the evolution of Herno Laminar, the active-wear collection that from 2012 underlines the fusion of style and technological innovation. A project that begins with a clear and well-defined goal from the slogan of the line: “Functionality in addition to aesthetics” is the first Herno development.

Couture Engineering for women and Sartorial Engineering for men are the Fall Winter 2019-2020 collections that combine the classicism of traditional fabrics with special treatments, technical internal membranes that make high-performance clothing.

In the collection the wools, flannels, herringbones, neoprene, check and pied-de-poule meet the iconic 2Layer and 3Layer membranes while on the outside the fabrics are reinforced with special water and windproof treatments. Another fundamental detail, the zips with polyurethane coatings that create glossy and opaque contrasts. The hoods are made in Gore-Tex design, foldable and removable, with removable lining and guarantee an easy fit that is completely comfortable.