A new pair of Converse was born, which derives from the collaboration of the historic brand with Golf Le Fleur. The sneakers are floral and colorful


Converse’s experiments never end. The latest model comes from a collaboration between Golf Le Fleur and Converse, with the creative help of rapper Tyler, The Creator, who has already collaborated with the brand.

As reported by GQ, the new sneakers are trendy and spring and the model is very fresh: in addition to the floral texture they have a two-tone design and new details, inspired by the world of Californian skaters.

The summer restyling of the sneaker offers these changes:the strings are thicker, smoother suede leather the narrower sole Golf Le Fleur has married its color palette, lively and super-saturated, with the iconic Converse models.

Among the nuances among which you can choose are pink, orange, red, blue, ice.

The sole is instead studded with floral patterns and patterns.
In all the combinations are four and make up several pairs of colors.

The chromatic force really seems to be the specialty of Tyler, the Creator who stands as a true master specialist in creating a bridge between the sports sector and the “wearability” of the outfits in the dailylife.

The sneaker is nothing more than a part of the new collection that consists of clothing (dresses, polo shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, crew neck sweaters).

The rapper is strong of a lasting collaboration with the sports brand, which has decided to use its vitamin energy for a lively restyling of the famous shoes under the sign of color.

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