The collaboration between Harry Styles and Gucci continues: the singer is the testimonial of the new perfume

Harry Styles for Gucci Memoire d´une Odeur, the first gender fluid perfume by Gucci that confirms the collaboration with the British singer after the Gucci Cruise 2019 and Gucci Tailoring 2018/2019 campaigns.

Harry Styles is the testimonial of Gucci Memorie d’une Odeur, presented on August 1st all over the world, and is among the protagonists of the promotional video of the first Gucci fragrance for both men and women. With him Harris Reed, the stylist responsible for some of the outfits that Harry Styles showed off during the solo world tour, Harry Styles Live On Tour.

The universal fragrance of Alessandro Michele is accompanied by a video that tells of a family with a free spirit, who embraces life without inhibitions. The cast appears near Rome while dancing, entertains a picnic in the sun among the ruins of Canale Monterano and then at the medieval castle of Montecalvello.

Memo d’une Odeur sees Harry Styles lead the family of protagonists which includes an eclectic mix of talents and models: Harris Reed (designer); Zumi Rosow (designer and musician); Ariana Papademetropoulos (artist); Stanislas Klossowski de Rola (actor and musician); Olimpia Dior (artist); Leslie Winer (musician). With them the models and models: Thomas Riguelle; Tex Santos-Shaw; Tessa Bruinsma; Olga Zapivokhina; Oleg Ulrich; Matïss Rucko; Mae Lapres; William Valente; Katea Gramma; Unia Pakhomova; Ellia Sophia; Elibeidy Dani Martinez; Cheikh Tall.

“I appreciate the fragrances that keep emotions,” said Harry Styles struggling with his new role as Gucci testimonial. “The memories that spring from the scents are very important and significant for all of us. My mother, for example, has always used the same perfume, with the taste of candles and jasmine. Every face that I feel seems to me to be a child again, I think it’s a common feeling for everyone “.

Below is the video presentation of Gucci Memoire d’une Odeur with Harry Styles: