The Los Angeles-based company Guess listed five strategic priorities that it will be carrying forward for the next five years. Guess will be following current industry trends by aiming to become a consumer-centric business, notably by seeking to offer its customers a “seamless omni-channel experience”.The brand will be looking to expand its product offering in such a way as to appeal to a wider range of consumers at different points in their lives, while also giving further consideration to local product needs. Guess’ new strategy involves ensuring the continued relevance of the brand, efforts that will be organized around three target consumer groups: heritage, millennials and Gen Z. As part of this strategy, Guess will continue with collaborations and partnerships with celebrities and influencers, as the company believes that these initiatives resonate particularly strongly with younger audiences. Another focus for Guess is strengthening its global footprint by optimizing its productivity and profitability, while also expanding its distribution channels. Finally, the company is planning to drive improvements in its functional capabilities, particularly in logistics, sourcing, product development and production, and inventory management, as well as in overall infrastructure. Guess expects its sales to increase between 2.7% and 3.0% in 2020.