The brand supports the Do it yourself philosophy of the house also through the walls unveiled in Milan, Shanghai, New York, Taipei and Hong Kong, created  with artists and illustrators


The new art wall made by Gucci all over the world celebrate the Diy-Do it yourself program by supporting the brand self-expression philosophy, thanks to which customers can express their creativity by personalizing the items on sale.

On the art wall of Milan are visible the ghosts of the artist Angela Deane who wear, in a winter scenery, the custom Gucci sweaters.

The art wall in London, however, was entrusted to the painter Sarah Ashley Longshore, who made a portrait of a girl with big pink, red and yellow Gucci glasses and a green sweater with a wide mesh with a letter R.

For the Shanghai and Hong Kong art wall, Gucci collaborated with the American illustrator Jayde Fish. The subject of the scenarios of Fish is an Ophidia bag by Gucci personalized with the initial of its name, «J», imagined as a garden populated by miniature people dressed in Gucci with their pets.

In New York the task was entrusted to Phannapast Taychamaythakool, Thai illustrator, who designed a fantastic image, set in a multicolored universe populated by dragons and bees, which incorporates the Ace sneakers with the initials «P» and «T».

For the debut of the new art wall in Taipei, a piece by Alex Merry was chosen, which as Jayde Fish took inspiration from the Ophidia bag personalized with the Diy Gucci, using the initial of its name, the letter «A», and creating a crest around the letter.