The École de l’Amour is part of the Gucci Equilibrium project: the platform of the label dedicated to eco-sustainability.

Passing the value of craftsmanship is a prerogative of the school established by the Florentine company.

Gucci presenta l'école de l'amour. Gucci école de l'amour

Handmade means recovering the Italian manufacturing value, increasingly in trouble with the advent of industrialization.

It is not therefore a matter of brushing up the old trades of the past, rather rekindling the passion for a tradition that has been lost over the years and which has given strength to our tailoring.

It represents, for Gucci, a springboard to teach future generations the undisputed power of Italian artisan culture, owner of our customs, folklore.

L’École de l’Amour boasts the support of former retired employees, specialized craftsmen and managers of the company in operation.

The study plan includes three different paths. The first is dedicated to the Scuola dei Mestieri. This path has a six-month duration and fits within Gucci ArtLab.

In this context, designers and manufacturers of leather goods will specialize.

The second address is represented by Factory School. Within the bi-monthly project, lessons will be held in the factories with the aim of training “production operators” specialized in leather goods.

The last address is dedicated to the Technical Academy. The plan is aimed at employees of the company to whom a series of technical courses are aimed at updating.

“Training is the most powerful tool we have to enhance our product”. Marco Bizzari, CEO of the brand, declared.

“It is no coincidence that École de l’Amour was born in ArtLab, or the perfect expression of the corporate culture we are building: a place where learning and developing skills, a laboratory of ideas, an environment where you work with passion. Indeed, at this point we really want to say with love “, he concluded.