Style rhymes with tricolor but, although united by a passion for fashion, Italians take different positions when it comes to expressing their brand preference. From the analysis of the most popular brands and products in the Bel Paese, ‘Fashion Geography’ was born, the Lyst studio – the leading search engine in the fashion world – that maps from north to south, passing through the center and the islands, researches of clothing and accessories made online in Italy.

To design the maps of Fashion Geography, Lyst compared the behavior and buying habits of over 2 million Italian users online, analyzing the thousands of searches conducted over the last few months on the platform, which allows users to browse through over 12,000 virtual boutiques e-commerce sites.

GUCCI SUPERSTAR – Looking at the most popular brands in Italy, Lyst records a general peak of research for Gucci: the iconic products of the Tuscan fashion house were the most desired in different regions. Taking into account female evidence, Gucci triumphs in Lombardy (32%), Lazio (21%), Puglia (19%) and Calabria (15%). As for men’s preferences, if the Italian brand confirms its success in the shadow of the Colosseum and the Madonnina (Lazio 22% and Lombardy 17%), it stands out from other brands also in Veneto (26%) and Abruzzo (20%) .

A general trend towards luxury shopping is shared by Italian users, where cover signatures in particular attract attention (and purchases). Next to Gucci stand names of the caliber of Celine, particularly loved in Piedmont, where it constitutes just under half of the research carried out on Lyst (43%).

The luxury of foreign maisons entices shopping addicts from the north to the islands: if, in fact, in Valle d’Aosta and Liguria are respectively Balenciaga (15%) and Ralph Lauren (30%) the most popular brands, in Sardinia a third of the searches it concerns the products of Saint Laurent, while in Sicily it is Alexander McQueen who conquers the summit (45%). In the center-south go-ahead to the research of accessories signed by Balmain (25% in Umbria and 18% in Abruzzo), while Michael Kors is particularly loved in Campania (26%) and Basilicata (18%).

Made-in-Italy fashion picks up support in the remaining regions: 27% of users choose Valentino in Veneto and Prada in the Marche, while a quarter of research carried out in Emilia Romagna (25%) has Dolce & Gabbana as the protagonist. Also in Tuscany (17%) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (18%) is the Italian style to triumph, but here we turn to luxury streetwear proposed by Off-White. In Trentino Alto Adige a third (33%) of the research concerns Moncler: accomplices of the success of the brand famous for its exceptional quality down jackets cannot be only the long winter season and the famous mountains of the region, if we consider that also in Molise (29%) earns an important share of users.

SNEAKERS MON AMOUR – As for the most desired garments, the fashion addicts of the entire boot are in agreement with the sneakers, the most searched for commodity category in the last year both by him and by her. Surprisingly, in fact, sports shoes undermine the female accessory par excellence – the bag – from the top of the standings. The bags, on the other hand, occupy two positions in the top 5 of the products most desired by her: silver medal, in fact, to the models with shoulder strap, of bronze to those on the shoulder.

JACKETS – Great interest on the part of both men and women also for jackets, in second place for the top 5 for men and fourth for women, which closes with clothes. The ranking of the most desired products by men, on the other hand, continues with t-shirts and sweatshirts – which, respectively in third and fourth place, confirm his preference for comfortable and sporty clothing – and with belts, functional accessories and essential to give an extra boost to even the simplest outfits.

WHO SPENDS MORE – The gap between him and her expands, however, when looking at the wallet. Surprisingly, the most ‘spendthrift’ are the men who, for an order on, spend on average around 267 euros, compared to the average 249 euros spent by women.

STREETWEAR – If Italian research focuses on ‘classic’ cover brands, men prefer to invest in streetwear, preferably luxury. The data of Fashion Geography speak for themselves: there are five regions in which there are important peaks of interest for casual style brands, albeit sophisticated and ‘instagrammable’. Stunning figures recorded by designer Marcelo Burlon in Campania (63%) and Nike in Basilicata (45%). In Tuscany it is Off-White (32%), while just under a quarter of the searches in Liguria and Emilia Romagna have Stone Island (24%) and Palm Angels (22%) respectively.

In the islands the spotlights are lit on Dolce & Gabbana: in Sicily, the land that inspired some of the most famous and iconic collections of the designer couple, the brand’s research reaches 18%, a percentage that rises to 24% in Sardinia.

In Umbria Lyst detects a surge in research related to Calvin Klein which, above all thanks to its highly appreciated underwear line, conquers more than half of users (53%). Significant figures also for Fendi: in Trentino Alto Adige, research into two (51%) concerns the Roman maison.

The Italian brands also find numerous supporters in the Marche and Valle d’Aosta: in the first of the two regions Prada convinces a quarter of fashion-nauti (25%), while in the second the most loved brand is Moncler (22%): will the mountain air influence research in this case?

In the remaining regions, men prefer international style. If, in fact, Balenciaga, thanks to its ‘ugly sneaker’, the queens of social networks all over the world, wins an important slice of users in Puglia (23%) and in Friuli Venezia Giulia (14%), in Piedmont it is timeless elegance of Burberry to depopulate (28% of total searches).