Gucci opens its Gucci Circolo in Milan in via Borgospesso, a space where is possible to live an immersive experience discovering collections and codes of the maison. Located in the ancient Gallarati Scotti palace, the Circolo is divided into a succession of experiential rooms and exhibition rooms to be experienced as a narrative space through the various chapters of the Aria collection, designed by Alessandro Michele and presented in April 2021. A project destined to continue also abroad with two Gucci Circolo in Berlin and London. In the rooms there is also a listening lounge, a listening room surrounded by exhibitors full of vinyls, where it is possible to listen to artists of Gucci universe as Harry Styles, Sir Elton John, Florence Welch and Achille Lauro. The listening lounge allows people to take a photo inside the photo booth that reproduces effects inspired by the patterns of the Gucci 100 collection and have fun with the Gucci Arcade video games.