Gucci, already entirely carbon neutral for all its activities and for those of the entire supply chain since 2018, announces the new Natural climate solutions portfolio which provides for the protection and restoration of forests in areas that are significant for biodiversity and at risk of deforestation. The plan also includes regenerative agriculture practices within its supply chain. Every year Gucci sets itself the goal of avoiding, reducing and subsequently, as a final measure, offsetting the inevitable emissions of greenhouse gases through nature-based solutions. Gucci’s new Natural climate solutions portfolio includes plans for the conservation of forests with high environmental and social value. The label actively collaborates with specialized partners such as Conservation international and Southpole in different areas of the world including Zimbabwe, Kenya, Honduras and Patagonia. Finally, the increase in the use of recycled and regenerated materials with a saving equivalent to 13,000 tons of CO2e. The launch of Gucci Off The Grid, the first of the entirely sustainable Gucci Circular Lines collections, and the opening of a new e-commerce for second hand items in collaboration with The RealReal platform are part of the same circular perspective.