Gucci collects the numbers one of the companies and does so in the person of Marco Bizzarri, number one of the brand, who, through an open letter, yesterday launched the “CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge”.

The manager wanted to spur business decision makers – and not just fashion ones – to redefine their activities to reduce emissions and their environmental impact with 360-degree policies.

“As companies – Bizzarri writes – we have the responsibility to face the reality of global climate change and the biodiversity crisis and to find solutions to amplify the conservation and restoration efforts of our ecosystem, while mitigating the effects of climate change”.

Bizzarri was keen to stress that there have been several laudable initiatives in the sector, with a view to containing the increase in global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, as suggested by the Paris agreements. However, the manager suggested that more could be done.

Joining the Carbon Neutral Challenge CEO – articulated in six key reference principles – means engaging in emissions reduction, but above all in making carbon neutral the entire supply and supply chain: “The climate week in New York and the United Nations summit – has reiterated Bizzarri – they have shown that companies must act urgently and not concentrate their objectives in the years to come ”.

Gucci is one of the leaders of companies in the fashion sector that seeks to make its own contribution with a view to sustainability. For example, two months ago he announced that he will annually offset all the greenhouse gas emissions generated by his own activities and those of the entire supply chain.