Gucci wants users of its app to play. In fact, the fashion house has debuted Gucci Arcade, a new section of the app dedicated to video games and inspired by the arcades of the 70s and 80s. Through this form of interactive entertainment, the fashion house aims to entertain its users using the most representative symbols of the brand led by Alessandro Michele.

The first game to be launched is Gucci Bee, which features a bee trapped in a maze that players must free; Gucci Ace, the second game, traces three levels of video game history, from retro games to consoles to mobile devices. Here, the player can also explore the evolution of the Ace sneaker.

Both games can be accessed from a map in the Gucci App, where each leg of the journey takes players to a different game. This path tells the story of the company through its codes, in the form of badges hidden in games and grouped according to the theme. Players can collect them and place them on a special trophy board. At the end of the game users can see their score and share results and badges on all social and instant messaging platforms.

In the coming months, the label says, new games will be added to the Gucci Arcade.