New collection Hortus Deliciarum signed by Alessandro Michele

The Gucci High Jewelery designed by Alessandro Michele finds a home in the iconic Place Vendome, in Paris, the epicenter of the biggest international fashion and clothing brands and the most starred hotels. It is precisely here that Gucci has opened a luxurious boutique dedicated to gold jewelery and high jewelery signed by its creative director Alessandro Michele.

Known for his passion for jewels and his poetic vision, the designer has been involved in the search for unique gems and has designed Hortus Deliciarum, Gucci’s first fine jewelry collection, which will go on sale together with the jewelry collection in gold by Gucci in the new Parisian boutique.

Hortus Deliciarum evokes the eclectic quixoticity of Michele’s vision, drawing on motifs that are dear to him and which have become part of the characteristic iconographic canon of the maison. The collection includes over 200 jewels, almost all unique pieces, and develops motifs centered on a trio of themes seen through the prism of a mythical garden. Yet every gem is set in a unique way, an expression of what Michele calls “discordant symmetry”, mounted in a slightly discrepant way to embody the spirituality of imperfection. The first theme pays homage to the classic emblems of eternal love; the second is an ode to the majesty of the animal kingdom and evokes mythical bestiaries and ancient fauna; the third is dedicated to the solitaries redefined with a maximalist allure.

In contrast to the Gucci boutiques around the world, known for their characteristic saturated colors, the design of the Place Vendme boutique is characterized by a refined sobriety. The showcases made of ebonized wood are lined internally with aqua green satin and antiqued mirrors, contrasted by the brass details and the monochromatic mosaic floor in black marquina marble and thassos white marble.

The layout was designed to give maximum emphasis to the multicolored vivacity of the jewels themselves. In Hortus Deliciarum, the colored gems evoke a mythical garden in full bloom, whose color range includes honey-colored imperial topazes, pink topazes, green tourmalines, mandarin garnets, white diamonds, pink and blue sapphires, iridescent opals and yellow berylli.

Since November 2015, all the gold acquired by Gucci for jewelry making has been certified with the Responsible Jewelery Council Chain of Custody scheme, which allows us to identify the origin and guarantee a responsible supply. This process is part of our mission, aimed at tracking all the materials present in our supply chain. Gucci buys gold as part of the Kering Responsible Gold Framework, an agreement created to devise an innovative and practical solution that allows acquiring gold in a traceable and responsible manner.

This agreement is supplemented by a financial mechanism that directly supports small and artisanal mining (Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining – ASM) through a dedicated fund. This is a mechanism that is helping to change the behavior of an entire sector.

The award is given to the Kering Gold Fund to be invested in sustainable projects dedicated to the ASM (Artisanal Small-Scale Mining) with Fairmined and / or Fairtrade certification, or to the communities of the ASM who work in responsible mining mines. Guci continues to work together with industry partners to improve the supervision of our precious stone supply chain.

It is also collaborating with the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) which helps improve the traceability of our diamond supply. All the diamonds purchased by the brand come from legal sources certified by the Kim-berley Process, a program whose mission is to prevent the entry into the market of so-called bloody diamonds.