In Chicago “The genius of Gianni Versace: A collection of his iconic 90s designs”


Gianni Versace was a great Italian fashion. A dreamer who managed to capture the fruits of so many hopes. The nineties have revered him for his ability to tell a decade full of excesses, of uncultured inspirations that have fluctuated up to nest in fashion.

Mame Moda Gianni Versace, il genio della moda va all'asta. Carla Bruni

“I am a deep superficial […] I like to read and watch, but then use these stimuli in a free way to turn them into fashion”, he declared.

The genius of the Medusa, a symbol that binds him so much to his childhood in Reggio Calabria – as a child he plays among the remains of Greco-Roman mosaics depicting Gorgona – focuses his attention on the male wardrobe, translating it into feminine lines.

The metallic knit dress becomes the company’s emblem, so much so as to be introduced in the following collections.

The story of Gianni Versace was continued by his family after his departure.

Donatella Versace had the constant need to cling to the image of her brother to take the reins of the label.
In the nineties, the designer became the guru of a transgressive and provocative taste, inspired by the excesses of pop music and entertainment.

The mass is in his presence. It has Italian and international bourgeois society in its hands.

From printed silk shirts to bondage dresses to kitch accessories: “The genius of Gianni Versace: a collection of his iconic 90s designs” is an excursus of the traditional heritage of the fashion house.

There will also be some dresses belonging to the “Miss S & M”, “Punk”, “Teatro” and “Baroque” collections.

During the auction, organized by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers on September 21st, about 350 vintage garments will be beaten, including some dresses worn on the catwalk by Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer.