The Milanese brand launches its first make up collection. Four take-away lipsticks

From streetwear to street-beauty: the GCDS brand, acronym of God Can not Destroy Streetwear, makes its debut in the world of beauty. The young brothers / founders of the brand a few years ago, Giuliano Calza (creative director) and Giordano, decided to give a new urban imprint to tricks, cosmetics & Co.

They start with make-up and, in particular, the creation of four lipsticks (The Bag Essentials) presented at ComplexCon in Los Angeles, the pop / urban culture festival created by songwriter and record producer Pharrell Williams and artist Takashi Murakami.

The lipsticks are sold at 22 euros each, stored in practical sachets. There is a transparent and mint-flavored Lip Balm; the sparkling Blinghoe Lipstick with a plumping effect; the Marijuana 4: 20 Lipstick with a green color that turns on the lips turning into a natural / cherry tint, to be applied also on the cheekbones; and the Velvet Lipstick D.I.C.K. with a red finish suitable for any occasion.

Sigourney Weaver

Instagram photo

Given the friends / testimonials of the brand as Chiara Ferragni but also Sigourney Weaver, it is to be wagered that this new GCDS initiative will be crowned with an inevitable success.

And probably also all the other beauty products, 100 percent cruelty free and Made in Italy, which will arrive in 2019 to expand the line.

The only indication of GCDS for its take-away cosmetics: “not your lunch box – please apply on your face”. And we are already ready to do it ….