Loewe collaborates with the artist Fumiko Imano

Japanese origins and a childhood spent in Brazil. A unique mix that has made Fumiko Imano what it is today, with an identity crisis. This is why the artist gave life to her alter ego: feeling alone, she started to cut and paste small 35mm self-portraits to create self-collage. The result? Spontaneous shots that see her pose with her ‘twin’. The Twins series was born, a project that today has become the protagonist of Loewe’s Publication # 17.

Ironic and romantic shots of the spring / summer women’s collection

Fumiko and her ‘twin’ posed next to the beautiful model Saskia de Brauw showing off the Spring / Summer 2018 women’s collection. The result? Ironic shots, sometimes ‘romantic’, that see the ‘three’ women play with a baguette and hide among the sculptures in the gardens of the buildings of the Maison de l’UNESCO, location of the shooting.

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