tasteoffashion.com dedicates an article by mirkorambone to Franca Sozzani, Italian journalist director of all Italian-language magazines with the Vogue brand who died in 2016. In Franca Sozzani’s film Chaos and Creation, the son takes his mother to Central Park, the park largest outdoor in New York and begins to ask her a series of questions to let her admirers know the story of her mother. Surely a woman with a thousand resources: enterprising, fashionable, a woman who has been able to make a career by going against all market rules over the years. Sozzani’s publications create a stir and make news attracting a flood of readers precisely because they are perhaps controversial, such as the photos of the ecological environmental disaster of BP, or the issue entirely dedicated to black models with a beautiful Naomi Campbell on the cover (La Venere black of fashion) for years now on the most prestigious catwalks, together with her Liya, Sessilee and Jourdan. A real praise to black beauty thanks also to the inevitable beauty tips given by the glowing effect, therefore shiny skin and exaggerated brightness. A lot of admiration for her work, but also a lot of criticism at the beginning for a journalist who wanted to make her way to impose her thoughts and ideas in this way, but it must be said that Vogue at the time was a young newspaper and people welcomed them benevolently. In addition to the clothes constantly in evidence, Franca Sozzani in the Vogue magazine also wanted to include the dream, and therefore not only clothes but also chaos, fatality, wonderful landscapes, cinema, art and much more, with joyful and creative intelligence and here therefore fantasies and feelings. Thanks to her, Vogue has been one of the most influential magazines of the last twenty years. Her collaborations with the photographer Lindbergh were wonderful, showing a more global vision in her magazines, thus overcoming the most rigid proposals in a short time. Here comes issues never addressed before in the fashion magazine in order not only to praise beauty, but also very serious current and social situations such as environmental disasters, war, violence against women and domestic abuse. In addition to this, a small study must also be made on Franca Sozzani’s blog: opening the blog Franca wrote on a daily basis dealing with current affairs and fashion, as well as questions from the community, creating a continuous dialogue with young people. Franca’s commitment to Vogue Talent is immense, in which all the young people who participated immediately found work. Even today we talk about the famous issue of Vogue Italia The black Issue, defined by the US newspapers as a milestone in publishing. Thanks also to this issue, Vogue Italia changed the direction of the newspapers of that period. How can we not talk about super models, treated by fashion businesses not only as models but as real celebrities. Each issue of Vogue directed by Franca Sozzani has always aroused a lot of curiosity, emphasizing the talent of numerous artists and stylists by passionately shooting real stories between photographic studios and wonderful landscapes.


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