The Attico, a brand founded by Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini, launches the first collection of bags. The brand, in which the Archive company has also invested, offers bags designed for every moment of the day, based on the belief that no more than two women can know how complex and immediate the relationship between a woman and the bag she carries is. Distinguished by the geometric shapes inspired by the profile of the logo, the bags are simply named as a day of the week or an hour of the day, referring to a specific time and its use. Playing with the ladder, different sizes of the same model create new functions for different occasions ”. ‘Monday’ is a roomy daytime handbag with top handle and shoulder strap; ‘Saturday’ is an essential clutch based on the ‘Friday’ model, which incorporates the hedonistic spirit of The Attico. ’11 AM ’is a deconstructed bucket in the shape of a trapezoid, ’12 PM’ is a roomy carry-all bag. ‘8.30 PM’ is an oversized clutch that can be worn comfortably under the arm or can be held in the hand in the evening. There are various colors declined in precious materials such as satin, leather, nappa and soft suede.