The Florentine fashion house takes on the manager, ex Kering, to focus on millennials with omnichannel strategies between retail digital and brick and mortar


Salvatore Ferragamo hired Stefano Lenzi, ex Kering, to focus strongly on a digital transformation in an omnichannel perspective to attract new generations of customers, the millennials, to perfect the transition from the physical world to the web and app oriented.

The digital business manager is one of the emerging figures in the field of fashion. In particular, the retail sector is increasingly investing in this role. The customer, in fact, decides the channel and the device with which to interact with the brand, when and where he wants. The digital manager is the figure called to facilitate synergies between offline and online departments (at all levels, from retail to merchandising, from marketing to customer experience) directly under the CEO, which connects the experience of physical stores with multi-channel and digital using technology and digital tools to make the company more efficient and give the end customer a new experience.

Lenzi, a Florentine by birth but with international experience between London and Paris, oversaw the partnership between Kering and Yoox Net A Porter, thanks to which several brands of the French giant have seen online sales explode and improve the omni-channel experience of their customers, influencing also offline sales.